Let's walk through how the app works with a quick Q&A. If you believe, you can't find the anwser here, feel free to punch a mail to   anytime.


Hey there! Thanks for joining us! justIM is based on two main features:
  1. instant messaging
  2. instant moments
These two are essential parts of our daily digital life, so we hope that you will get used to using justIM quickly. See the Q&As below to know more.

End-to-end encrypted messages means that no one can peak into your messages, not even us, only you and who you sent the message to can read the message. Text, links, GIFs, images and videos, everything is encrypted.

You can get into justIM by opening an invite link or typing in an invite code, received from a perso who is already using the app and takes responsibility to invite you. Inviters are responsible for their invitees, which means that if the invitee gets booted, the inviter will be too. Inviters and invitees automatically became "friends" in the app, so they can start chatting instantly. You can jump the line with a Product Hunt account too.

Messages are deleted no matter if they were read or not. 24 hour is counted from the sending of the message. If someone did not read your message in 24 hours, do you really want to talk to them anyway for real? 🤷

Yes! After sending an encrypted image or video in a message, it is automatically deleted from the storage server after 24 hours.

Yes! Navigate to your profile and tap the blue edit button on top of your profile image and select "Change profile image".

justIM is for real people, with real names. You can only fix your legal name once in a while. Tap the blue edit button on top of your profile image and select "Change legal name".

justIM is based on the pricipal that only people who added each other can initiate a new conversation. So no creepy hobo will harass you.

Yes! Navigate to the persons profile and press the three dots icon on the top right corner, and choose block.

Yes! Navigate to your profile and press the "cog" icon on the top right corner, and choose "Manage account", then tap "Delete account". You may need to sign out and sign in again first to be able to delete your account.

Yes, there are many:
  • Adult content, nudity, overly sexuallized content
  • Any content that shows harm or exploit of minors and also adults
  • Dangerous or derogatory content
  • Illegal substances and drug related content
  • Advertising alcoholic products and related content
  • Advertising tobacco products and related content
  • Gambling related content
  • Hacking and breaking
  • Compensation pages
  • Misrepresenting content
  • Shocking content
  • Weapons related content
  • Content that allows unfair behavior
  • Illegal content